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It is a fact that the first thing that lures the spectators when they gaze at the dining room is the dining table. Experts say that it is the focal point and needs utmost attention while finalizing a design for your home. From wood to glass and metal to synthetic boards, you have plenty of choices for dining room furniture. You are required to crystallize specifications and match them with the options available. Not only conventional brick-and-mortar shops but modern age online shopping websites offer a plethora of varieties for you.

Points to ponder

It is needless to say that everyone has personal preferences that influence the individual buying decisions. However, a few generic points are common and universally applicable. Here are some useful tips for selecting the best dining table:

Always remember the dimensions of the room while making the decision. A rule of thumb is that there should be sufficient space available after placing the table. Filling a small dining room with a huge table is not a good idea. It causes an utter chaos and discomfort. Hence, measure the room beforehand.

ü If the dining tables and chairs arrive in the workable form, then ensure that the doors are sufficiently wide. Otherwise, buy a CKD product (Completely Knocked Down) that arrives in the dismantled form and assembled at your place.

ü The standard width of the table is 90 to 110 cm. If you want anything beyond this range, then it has to be made by order.

ü Picking up a right dining table is quite exhausting if you are not clear about the requirement specifications. You find almost uncountable options and get lost in the selection process. This, it is important that you draw boundaries of shape, color and budget. Look only for models that fit these criteria.

ü Though cost is one of the critical factors, it is not a good idea to go for cheap dining sets. They are available at throwaway prices, but you have issues with the quality and durability. It is made from recycled material that does not sustain for a long time. Hence, invest money on the cheap stuff only when you want it for a short period. Else, buy good quality dining furniture even if it is expensive. You must keep quality at the paramount place.

Three classical shapes


When the dimensions are big, there is nothing more exciting than a rectangular table. It looks spectacular and adds grace to the house. Straight lines create an effect of clean and well-defined dining place. The best shape for big gatherings!


Ultimate space-saving and amazingly chic, round is the best for small rooms. Curves add smoothness to the surroundings, and space becomes cozy and inviting. No wonder you find round tables in most of the cafeterias and pubs.


Though not quite a popular shape for dining room furniture, it can create miracles in a narrow and elongated room. For a seating capacity of four, it is a great pick.

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