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Glass dining sets Vs. Wooden dining sets – Which is better?

Tue, 12 Dec 2017 11:26:44 +0000

The dining room is a prominent place in the home where you spend quality time together. Everyone in the family enjoys the moments of eating and chatting. It is needless to say that you should make it as cozy and comfortable as possible. Since dining table and chairs occupy the maximum place in the dining room, the appearance makes a huge difference. The design and color combination should add value to the décor. Also, you should get utmost comfort and ease of use.

Picking up the best dining sets could be quite puzzling. Some people praise glass tables for their beauty. Some people prefer wooden tables for their durability and sustainability. Here are a few things that make the selection process simple.

Wooden dining table and chairs

You would not like to replace the dining table every three years. They should last for ten to fifteen years at least. Wooden sets are strong, bold and long-lasting. They are quite expensive, but the durability set-offs the cost incurred.

Teakwood and chestnut are considered suitable for dining tables. Similarly, walnut wood is also considered great for making durable and sturdy furniture. These woods have unique colors and textures.

Round or rectangular, they look awesome in all shapes.

It is a fact that wooden tables offer excellent service for a long time, and they need the least
maintenance. Good quality wood doesn’t need maintenance. You need to polish it after every five to seven years. Portability can be a problem in wooden tables because they are quite heavy. If you are required to move the furniture frequently, then it may not be a right choice for you. Nowadays, some models have fold-able table tops that can be expanded or folded as per the need. There is a compromise on aesthetics, though.

Many people feel that wooden tables give the dining room an old-fashioned look. However, it is not true. You can find a wide variety of contemporary designs and patterns created from wood. They look highly sophisticated and modern.

Glass Wooden dining table and chairs

Glass tables are preferred in the modern times because they are cheaper than the wooden
counterparts. Many people think that there are only two choices, black and transparent. However, colored variants are also available today to give a modern appearance to your kitchen. Since they are made from heavy duty toughened glass, you need not worry about the durability. Designer glass tables make your home ultra-modern.

These dining sets can be molded into any shape. Other than the conventional rectangular and round, you can have hexagonal, square and random shapes. The table top is coated with good quality paint which is scratch-proof. Thus, it is quite easy to clean it using mild soap and a soft cloth.

Since glass tables are relatively lightweight, you can move them easily. However, extra care should be taken while moving because they are delicate. You should think about the above-mentioned aspects while choosing dining sets. Make sure you pick the best stuff.

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