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How to select high quality mattresses?

Fri, 05 Jan 2018 11:29:05 +0000

After a full day of hectic work, you deserve a good night’s sleep. According to experts, a majority of people nowadays suffer from sleep disorders, and there are short-term and long-term effects of it. Insomnia or sleeping trouble is a common ailment that needs medical intervention. Though there are several factors responsible for the poor quality and intensity of the sleep, the improper sleeping arrangement is one of the prominent reasons.

Inconvenient bedroom furniture, poor lighting, too much noise, and disturbance affect the quality of sleep. Some of the disturbing elements like road traffic are uncontrollable. However, it is possible to reduce controllable factors quite effectively. Sometimes, people buy cheap mattresses to save a few bucks but face a persistent problem later.

What is a perfect mattress?

Well, it is quite confusing when you land up at a shop where a lot of variants are displayed. All of them look quite similar, and you can’t distinguish between a good one and an average one. You buy a pair of mattresses that suits the interior or bedroom furniture without bothering much about the foam quality and density. As a result, there is an utter disappointment and frustration. Here are some tips to buy quality mattresses.

Coir mattresses are preferred by people with an assumption of better insulation of heat. However, studies prove that coir loses elastic property very soon and causes sagging and uneven patches. It hinders a good sleep and causes several troubles. Foam mattresses, on the other hand, remain unaffected for a long time. Foam has the higher capacity of recuperating to the shape. Therefore, it is recommended for people having back troubles. Wake up fresh after a sound sleep and work efficiently by picking up the right quality of mattresses.
It is good to buy a single piece mattress for a double bed if you don’t need to move it frequently. However, you should buy a pair of single bed mattresses if relocation is quite frequent. They are very heavy, and you need a lot of efforts to move from one place to other.

Two key aspects

Whether you buy any mattress, always keep two critical factors in mind before making the final selection:

Comfort: It is highly important that you search for a pair that gives the utmost ease to you. The uppermost padding is responsible for support and comfort to the body. Thick layer or thin, it depends on your personal liking and preference.
Support to the back: The upper layer has to be soft enough to provide comfort, at the same time it should be firm to offer support to the lower back. Inner springs make the basic structure of it, and density of springs is directly proportional to the support.

It is needless to say that these two aspects are not the “only” aspects, but the look and feel are also equally important. Cheap mattresses or expensive, coir or foam; all are equally superb. For utmost comfort, research on the net and pick the best one.

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